Wednesday, March 16, 2016

120 Circles and Counting

I have all but one of the daisies quilted. Before changing thread for the last daisy, I wanted to catch up on some circles.  This explains why I need to have "Finish" as my motto this year, doesn't it?

 Block 117

There isn't much of a story to this one. I felt like working with an orange scrap and this is what I made.

Block 118

This one is woven. The green batik makes me think of army colors, and the red/white/blue fabric seemed like a good match for it.  Celebrating a holiday before its time is a good rule to break.  

 Block 119

This is using scraps from Block 118.  Since this is a rule breaking quilt, I like the idea of having circles with slashes in them to say "Don't."  This slash is curved since we are bending the rules in this quilt.

 Block 120

This Pacman block is inspired by Twiggy and Opal's recent finish. Jayne used solids in hers, but I used only what I could find in the scraps box. It's also a fitting block for Pi Day (3.14).

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June D said...


Allie-oops Designs said...

The new circles are great!!!

Kaja said...

Keep going! I love circle 118 best in this lot.

Preeti said...

120 Circle blocks and none of them are alike!!! That is improv at its very best. I am sure it is very liberating too. Looking forward to your next move.

gayle said...

I always enjoy seeing your circles. Such a lot of life and energy going on!

Ann said...

Another set of interesting circles, Shasta. I like seeing how your mind works. And "finish" should be my mantra this year, too... unless it's "limits."

Cathy said...

More fun. I love your style (and circles).

Kate said...

You've got some fun and rule breaking circles for your quilt.