Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Part 18 A Life of Plenty

I have finished Part 18 of A Life of Plenty.  I was hoping for pink leaves, but the pinks in the orange box and the oranges in the pink box were the ones that jumped out at me.  The Stem fabric was used in the Star Wars quilt. The purple flowers fabric was used in Dear Jane, and the pink with the purple leaves is a really old fabric that was used in my Drunkard Path's quilt that is hanging on my wall now. I showed it to you a short while ago.  I like to use my fabrics in more than one quilt.

Although these are more orange leaves, you will see that they are more springy than the Part 1 orange leaves block.

I made another love shack.  Let's just say this one is prettier than the last one and let it go at that.

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Kaja said...

I like the orange leaves! They remind me of the colours of some of my favourite tulips.