Monday, March 13, 2017

Part 14 of Life of Plenty Finished

I finished Part 14 of Life of Plenty.  All of these calming blues and greens make me happy.

I am using needle turn applique. I didn't make templates for this block either. I did a much better job with the size of the stem on this one. The curves aren't as smooth as they could be, but that is because I use so many different techniques in each quilt. Each time, I learn how to do the technique, then I move on to another technique. By the time I come back to that technique, I have to learn it all over again.  I'm fine with it though - leaves aren't all that smooth in real life.

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Marle said...

Your appliqué is great! And the story also!

Bonnie said...

Lots of fun colors are in this block. Relearning things sounds a lot like what I tend to do!

Kaja said...

I love this one: everything about it seems just right to me.