Thursday, November 15, 2018

Droid Quilting Continued

I am quilting the background of the Droid quilt, and had sketched out the quilt plan to build some muscle memory and see if I could execute the design easily. I liked the sketch, but it didn't look the same on the fabric.

So I showed the sketch to the sewing machine and explained the plan. I put the sketch front and center so the sewing machine could see it while it was sewing.  Things are working much better now. I think having a wider space helps, because then the lines look more meandering when they can come from both directions. When there is only one column (between the characters), that one column doesn't look as good by itself.

I'm not really happy with my choice of background design, but I am sticking with it. You really can't see it from a distance and it doesn't affect the integrity of the quilt, so I am not ripping it out.

I ran out of bobbin so I took it out to  do a quality inspection.  I was happy to see that I had just passed being halfway done through the background quilting.  Then I realized that meant there is half left to do.

All right, enough procrastination. Back to bobbin winding and quilting.

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Em's Moving it Forward - I don't have time to write a new post, but I did want to say that the quilting is finished. I had a hard time trimming it to a rectangular shape - since there was so much space that didn't have a border or line to follow. But that's done now too and I am moving on to binding it.


Kyle said...

I'm glad your machine started to cooperate and get with the program. Everything needs a good talking to once in a while.

Kim said...

Sewing machines need a little talking to every and now and then otherwise they just won't know what to do. How fabulous your quilting is. are a half full glass kinda girl?? =)

Kaja said...

I hope your machine continues to behave and that you get this done. You are probably the only person who will look at the background with a critical eye.

Kate said...

It looks great! You've got such great details in the characters that the background quilting will just fade into the background.

Janie said...

Great idea, giving your machine a pep talk! Making sure it understands the plan.
Nice progress, you're almost finished.

Nancy said...

You've given her lots of thoughtful detail, both with the fabric choices and the quilting. She looks great.