Thursday, April 9, 2020

More Experiments With Masks

Second batch. The first batch of masks I made (see my last post), protect others from getting my illness.  I protect you, you protect me. Better than nothing.

I want to make a second batch that hopefully provides additional protection for the wearer as well as the people around the wearer.

There are so many mask patterns to choose from, each with their own little touch. I was getting overwhelmed and people kept forwarding me even more.

One of the ones I plan to try is this one from Instructables, , which is a simple mask like the ones I have been making but the corners have been clipped so I think they will avoid as much breathing into the glasses.

Eventually I found this video (embedded below) which is worth the look. In it, a doctor makes different masks, performs tests on them and gives her opinion.

The masks she makes are from material that can only be found in a hospital setting, so I won't be able duplicate them as she would.

I chose to try two of the masks she tried.  The one from Instructables is one that I have seem quite a few bloggers reference and looks like it would help with the problems I identified in my last post.  This one requires some curved cutting and piecing, but it looks relatively simple. The video says this one is the most comfortable but didn't provide enough protection.

This is the Florida one that the video said was the best. It is the most complicated to cut and sew, but I guess if it is the safest one, it would be worth the effort. Since I will be making mine from fabric, I will have to adapt the pattern to be able to hide the seams.

I was going to make these masks today, but I have found another (stay at home) job. My employer found another job for me.

I am going to go ahead and post this and make the masks later. I think the information in this post is important to get out to you now. I also need to find some wire.  I will be back with another post to let you know my results later this week.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You SEW girl! Congrats on the stay-at-home job and good luck with the masks.

Kate said...

Lots of patterns out there for masks, I'll be curious to see how these come together for you. So glad you were able to find a work from home position. My Guy and I are very lucky to have jobs that we can do a lot of it from home. My Guy really needs a lab to do his best work, but he can still do a lot to help with just his experience.

Emily said...

Thanks for the link to the video! I found it very informative. I made a few of the for a nurse by a nurse masks for us when go to the grocery store but don't have the materials for the masks that my local hospital system is asking for. Stay safe & healthy!

Tanya said...

I need to get away from this computer and make more masks too. I'm thinking I'll try another pattern but I do have the one I've been using in my head now...