Sunday, October 4, 2020

When This You See Remember Me


Another week, another batch of additions to the quote quilt. As usual, I underestimated how much time it will take to do something, so there are still a couple more things I want to add before I start thinking about the backing of this quilt. This covers up a duplicate quote. I like the simplicity of this picture.

While I was in this area, I went ahead and added flowers to the heart / vase. I decided to add them as a rectangle to get as many of the flowers in there as possible, even if some of them get hidden in the seam.

This quote makes me think about autograph books and I have wanted this one in the quilt from the start.  Instead of letting this be a separate quote, and adding a cemetery gate, I decided it would work well as the cover of the virtual cemetery. The flowers are colored with inktense pencils and then the embroidery is added to enhance them. This will be the cover of the booklet I am adding to the quilt. I will sew around the edge for reinforcement.

 I have printed the names and dates on the inkjet printer and verified that I put them together in the right order, but I haven't sewn the pages yet. There are about a dozen names and each person gets his/her own page. I am going to use the stabilizer between the fabric to avoid shadowing while keeping the booklet as thin as possible.

I made both of these embroideries with a stabilizer underneath. The Remember Me also has a fusible to make sure there is no shifting.

With the RBG addition I showed you last week, and this booklet, the quilt has taken on a sad quality. When I am done with the booklet, I will add more neutral / happy things so this isn't the last addition to on the quilt.


Approximately a year ago, I bought my daughter a plant, and while I was at it, I got myself two also.  I have a tendency to kill them, but they usually last at least a week longer than cut flowers.  A few weeks ago, this plant became sickly.   I have a tendency to over-water AND under-water, so when there is a problem, I am not sure which way I should adjust. Eventually, I decided that this plant had died. To avoid questions from anyone, mostly myself, "why did you kill the plant?," I put it in the garage. After I put it in the garage, I thought to myself that I should have thrown the plant in the trash, and put the dirt underneath the tree, but I didn't do it.

Yesterday, I went to the library and on my way back, I noticed the plant. Do you see it? It has a live leaf! A big one!

The color is a little bit faded, but it is very much alive. I had to enhance the color so you could see it better since it is backlit by the window so the leaf in the picture is brighter than the real thing.

2020:  Weeks 40 of 15 Minutes to Stitch

This week, I finished painting the porch and the coffee table. Once I get the table on the porch, I will show you the picture.  I am also still cleaning the basement.

I am reading Sixteen Ways to Defend A Walled City by K. J. Parker and really enjoying it. It is a fantasy series and I already have the next book and people are probably waiting in line to read it.

15 minute days this week -- 7 out of 7
15 minute days this year -- 224 out of 278 days
Success rate  = 81%

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

So it looks like you were overwatering the plant if it came back to life with a little neglect. I have one Christmas cactus that is suffering from the same thing but I'm not sure I can save it.

Kim said...

This quote is a favourite of mine. I have seen it on many a card and vintage calender. It always reminds me of pansies and sweet remembrances of loved ones. Your embroidery of the hand clasping the flower is lovely.

Quilting Babcia said...

My best plants have always thrived under benign neglect. That is until hubby comes along and drowns them with water, lol.

Debra Dixon said...

Great progress!

Kyle said...

A favorite thought and a sweet embroidery. In addition, to your survival story!!

Kate said...

I kill anything green. My Guy really dreads going on business trips because he knows, all his plants will suffer while he's gone. You are moving along on the quote quilt and had a good week on the stitching front. I agree quilty related things seem to take much longer than you expect. Have a great week.

Emily said...

I love that hand holding a daisy! Very pretty.

Twyla said...

I just water my indoor plants on Monday. They do just fine. MOnday only.

tierneycreates said...

Congratulations on the surprise life still in the plant - ha! Your embroidery/quote piece continues to be so wonderful!

Tanya said...

That plant is telling you that even hopeless situations are deceiving! I guess it likes the garage!