Saturday, May 27, 2023

More Index Cards



When I showed you my box of index cards in my last post, Rose asked me to show more of my index cards, and since I don't have much to show you quilting wise, I am happy to oblige.

It is a good thing it has been a while since I posted these, because I am able to show you the ones I made last year.

There were a few that weren't worth the effort to photograph and put in a collage but these are most of them.

I haven't done very many this year, although I am starting to resume again. I have been working in a mixed media journal which gives me more space.  I have learned that it is better to have something in front of me as an inspiration instead of relying on memory, even if it is a photo or another drawing. I will eventually learn how to draw and be better at drawing them.

Thanks, Rose, for being interested in seeing them.


Kate said...

You have some very fun index cards. Lots of different subjects and colors. I would almost instant gratification on a creative front, but I'm not sure how long each one took. Thank you for sharing.

Rose said...

These are fun to look at...LOVE the Martin Luther King, Jr quote and the one that follows it...though in different ways. I really should try these...I get stuff and then you will laugh...but hate to waste it in my attempts. But it is wasted just laying there. Thank you for the inspiration.

Queeniepatch said...

These are great cards with beautiful artwork.
Index cards are just the right size for a quick drawing or some quotes.
You have quite a collection.

Tanya said...

Love your index cards! I too am trying to keep up an "arty" habit and my mantra has been as long as I'm doing SOMETHING I'm improving (or at the very least learning).