Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blue and White

This blog looks so clean and clutter free that I am hesitant to clutter it up with fabric scraps and clashing colors!

I have decided to work with blue and white fabric to keep the theme going for at least a little while. Dot has made some blue and white stars, and I thought I would start with that. I also want to make some nautical type blocks - boats, lighthouse, fish, etc.

I haven't done any of that, mind you, but I think that having a plan might actually help get some quilting action on this blog.


Perry said...

Hi, Shasta. Welcome to blogging. I think you will thoroughly enjoy meeting people and sharing ideas. Blogging does make you want to do something just so you have something to talk about, lol

Michele Bilyeu said...

You're doing great! You have a good eye for photos and fabrics and a great heart for knowing what is real and important!

Iron Needles said...

Thanks so much for your comment (and compliment!) on my quilting efforts.

Congratulations and good luck on your foray into blogland, too.

Rachel Biel said...

Hi, Shasta! I'm just coming over to thank you for your comments on Fiber Focus. There is a lot to learn! Aaargh! Yes, your blog does look so very clean... but, the nice thing is that you can always change it and if you don't like it, change it again.... It keeps evolving and hopefully it will feel like home someday!