Monday, August 18, 2008

Productive Sewing

I have been watching the Olympics, and feeling very lazy. All these athletes have dedicated so much time training and are working so hard to compete, and I am sitting here watching them. And then the announcers keep saying the word "finish" over and over again. Like they are taunting me to finish a project or two. I haven't ever finished a project during the Olympics, but it seems like a pretty good goal to me. There is no way I am getting on a high bar or in a swimming pool without risking serious injury.

This morning, I decided that the athletes can compete without me, and I will work on my own goal.

Paula said she had a productive day of sewing, and so have I. As promised, I started with some blue and white star blocks. I took out a project that has been patiently waiting a few weeks. I hadn't pressed them, and even though the weather is cooler now, it still seems too hot to be pressing blocks. What I have done on them looks wonderful so far.

Then I got an invite to a birthday party, and that changed the priorities around a bit.

I set aside my freshly pressed blue and white blocks and am instead working on something in a completely different colorway. The top was already made, and I wanted to quilt and embellish it. I have random success with free motion quilting, and today it worked. The stitches went where they were supposed to, and the ideas about what to stitch came easily. The quilting is now finished. I will embellish and bind it, and show you when I am finished.

Right now, my blog looks like a sitting room, where you have to sit carefully on the sofa and tuck your legs under daintily and worry about needing a coaster for your drink. I think the picture I will show you this week will add a sort of homey touch to the blog. You'll feel more comfortable, more able to put your feet on the coffee table and relax a bit.


Donna said...

if you invite the likes of me in there's no worries that there'll be feet on the coffee table! I do promise to have clean hands when fondling the fabric though, and not spill on it :-)

Elaine Adair said...

Oh boy, put ME out with the dogs, 'cause I have an old TRUNK for a coffee table! Argh - Mama never did teach me those parlor rules! and I WAS (almost) brought up in a barn.

Thanks for dropping by MY blog and welcome to blogland! I'll add you to my Blogines and see what you're up to.

jenclair said...

I don't even have a coffee table. :0 That space is where I do yoga with my yoga DVDs!

DAWNIE said...

Yes I agree - the Olympics have been awesome to watch. It is a shame they all dont receive a medal with the amount of training they have had to endeavour

Michele Bilyeu said...

Heck, I felt comfortable from the very beginning! I've already been lounging around for so long you probably haven't noticed me. All this time, you thought someone had added a new couch pillow and it was me making that bump! My feet are up,I feel like I've known you for years and I'm awaiting that project and enjoying the lovely scenery screensavers in the meantime;)