Friday, August 22, 2008

Volunteering on the High Road

I told you I was fall cleaning. This means I am digging things out of corners and under things and in closets and refrigerators, and putting them on any flat surface out of those hiding spaces, hoping to find good homes for everything - either in my house, in the trash can, or in my donation boxes. Some places look better, but some things look worse, at least in a temporary state.

Remember that birthday party I was invited to? The one on Sunday? Guess who volunteered to have it at her house! And then realized that Sunday would be the day after tomorrow.

The hostess called me and said "I heard you volunteered to clean your house." Yikes! I volunteered to have a party, not clean! LOL

Now I have to work doubletime to get this place looking like someone can actually live here. If people aren't impressed at my speed cleaning skills on Sunday, they aren't worthy.

The picture is a year old but it is timeless.


Donna said...

maybe you could give out party gifts to those that come -- the chance to "shop" your pile of donations :-)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love that sky-- beautiful. Have fun and don't worry about any dust bunnies, just pretend they're invited guests.

Margaret said...

G,Day, I am sure that your bright cheery disposition will vanish any untideness you may have