Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Before Christmas, my mother asked me what I wanted. I couldn't think of a thing, having recently splurged at the office supply and drug stores. But I knew I had to be prepared, so when my sister called, I gave her a big list. I figured she could choose among the items, and share the rest of the ideas with the others, or simply leave them for me. So I was very happily surprised when she had gotten me almost everything on my list. That snow shovel has come in very handy lately.

She has gotten new carpeting recently, and is rearranging her furniture to redecorate her house. I went over to see it, and lo and behold she had gotten me the remaining item on my list - a lamp for my nightstand. My bedroom has been the only room in the house that was never officially decorated when I moved in. Sure I had purchased bedroom furniture, but I am still using the curtains that the former owner had in there. The rest of the stuff in there is for practicality - I needed storage space for the quilting supplies, and my daughter was no longer using a particular shelf, so it moved into my room. The bedroom tends to be the last room I clean when I am cleaning, and since it serves as storage for the quilting supplies, it tends to get quite cluttered, and dusty.

The lamp in my room was an old desk lamp that is an ugly battleship gray. It is also a desk lamp that takes up a lot of space. The fluorescent light has recently not been turning off properly. I would reach over to push the button to turn it on, and before my hand even touches anything, the light will start flickering.

I made the switch, and that little table lamp has transformed my room. It was chosen to match the furniture. The lighting is soft and pretty. So I am cleaning out my room, and doing my own little remodel. It is going to be a slow process - 15 minutes a day probably, but the nightstand and the corner look really nice. The downstairs areas are having to wait so hopefully the visitors can get the clean vibe from the bedroom and look at the downstairs accordingly!

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Paula, the quilter said...

My bedroom needs to be updated. Now I might have the time to do it too.