Saturday, February 28, 2009

Unfortunately, Shasta

There is a new Meme going around where you search for your name with unfortunately in front of it to see what kinds of things are being said:

"Unfortunately, Shasta" turns out to be very interesting, since it can be a person's name, a pet's name, and a place name. There were plenty. Here is a sampling.

Unfortunately, Shasta's offense went south after that due to a combination of missed shots and turnovers.

Unfortunately Shasta county's program is Shoo the Homeless, footwear not included.

Unfortunately, Shasta was plagued for many, many years by forest fires that swept by here and destroyed the town many times.

Unfortunately Shasta died Tuesday morning April 1, 2008 around 4am in her sleep.

But, unfortunately Shasta is a long distance away from the Sierras.

Unfortunately Shasta Dam, built in the 1940s, disrupted the winter run's game plan.

Unfortunately Shasta is not feeling well suffering from a migraine.

Unfortunately, Shasta lives way far away right now.

Unfortunately, Shasta remains as much a mystery to the readers as she is to Abby.

Yeah unfortunately Shasta isnt gonna have a whole lot of usable shorline by mid summer.

unfortunately shasta doesnt defend herself at all... Rio takes her house and kicks her out and is just generally a bully... but a cute bully. ...

Unfortunately, Shasta has a money tournament on that date.

Unfortunately Shasta was completly hidden by clouds.

Unfortunately shasta is working & misses the next 2 home games. :-)

Unfortunately, Shasta’s younger brother had been killed.

Unfortunately, Shasta’s brother Dylan is still missing.

Unfortunately, Shasta said the unmotivated fans at UH are more numerous than they should be.

Unfortunately, Shasta Lake is 95+ feet down right now and the inlet where we stay is pretty much dry.

Unfortunately, Shasta. You are a good example of why people shouldn't use japanese is an english story. It was absolutely horrible to read that sentence you ...

Unfortunately, Shasta had left her purse at High Finance, so after breakfasting we headed back there to get it.

Unfortunately, Shasta has aquired a taste for them, and if the kids leave them laying about, she chews on them like candy.

Unfortunately, Shasta didn't realize that the place can be reserved, so we got kicked out a little early.

Unfortunately, Shasta didn’t have a great deal of sense about her and was constantly moving around the tree.

Unfortunately, Shasta was about 2 weeks from having her puppies, most of which did not survive, because of her loyalty to me.

Unfortunately, Shasta doesnt get to go to the theater that often with two little kiddies

But unfortunately, Shasta who has a record of jumping to conclusions, thought we actually opened the fizzing soda cans and fizzed them on her,


Michele Bilyeu said...

Well,,dear are absolutely hilarious, parts quite sad and part uplifting yet when on has to take the high road and changes in that process! I know you are better, stronger, and dearer from that process...let's hope the Internet bearts that out;) Now, I just changed my profile by adding my proper name... which changed my 'sign-in name' so who knows what I'll come up! I enjoyed yours in any case and boy...I sure could have fun with what I just read ;)

Elaine Adair said...

Yeppers - these were cute! I think mine said something about "brain hemorrage" and "death"! lOL