Friday, May 22, 2009

Trunk Show

One of the ladies at work asked me to bring in some pictures of my recent work. She remembered me bringing in photos a couple of years ago and wanted to know what I'd been up to lately. Since all of my photos are digital, and I haven't gotten around to printing them, I couldn't accommodate her request. When another woman asked, I decided to finally bring some actual quilts in.

I was trying to decide which quilt to take, and my daughter recommended that I take the pumpkin quilt. I also took in my purple parfait and my drunkard's path quilts.

Sometime in early February, yet another woman from work told me that she was ashamed that she hadn't taken down her Christmas decorations. I told her she could feel better because I still had my jack-o-lantern quilt on the wall. It worked, it made her feel better.

When I brought the quilt in, I had to confess to her and all the rest of them that I had to take it off the wall to show them. Consider it my good deed to making you feel better; that there is someone who is much farther behind than you are!


Tina said...

That pumpkin quilt is so cute! How nice of you to make her feel better :o).

Tanya said...

Yes, sometimes I have quilts up for months! Let's, the Boys Day quilt and an Easter bunny is still up. With all the quilts I have in my closet I could probably change them twice a month and still have enough for three walls...