Friday, May 1, 2009


There is a quilter at work, and she asked me what I was up to. I was explaining to her what I was doing. I told her I was trying to do a little sewing everyday, in order to finish one block a week. I explained to her that it was originally a block of the month program at the LQS, and I had received some kit remnants, etc. All this stuff you know. You know what she said to me? She said,

"You do understand the concept of block of the month, right?"

I tried my best not to corrupt her like you have corrupted me.

I have recently become acquainted with BOM Quilter. She enjoys making BOMs, and she will generally show you the 5-7 blocks she has made each day. I make one every 5-7 days. I think we average out somehow. You can see hers and be inspired. You can see mine, and not feel so far behind. The exciting thing is that she is also making this Wildflower Sampler. I hadn't seen anyone else make it in Blog World. Anyway, I have two blocks made that I hadn't shown you. I was thinking I should maybe save them up and show them all to you at the same time, and maybe make you think that it was possible I made them all in one day. But that would take three more weeks, and you would all have forgotten me by then! Then you would come back the next week, or even, gasp!, the next day, expecting to see another 5-7 blocks.


Yvette said...

Your fabric choices are FABULOUS!!! I actually made this as a BOM. I made 2 blocks a month. When I finished all of the blocks I put it away until I had time to applique the medallion and borders.

I look forward to seeing your version. I haven't seen anyone else make this yet.

Donna said...

sometimes to sticking to the pacing that works for yourself is a real trial -- its that much harder with a blog I think as we want to share and connect, but what's new to share is sometimes an issue.... The little bit of sewing each day really does pay off though I am tempted to return to the idea of a BOM that's monthly! :-)

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh heck, be like the majority of us and stretch the photos out! When they say 'Real Women Quilt' I think we need to be real women who make a block a month;) If we do more than that and anything besides quilting in our life...I consider us 'over achievers' ;)Your blog, like your quilting, like you.... are realistic...that's why we keep coming back here!