Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shopping, yes again

My mother is finished piecing my quilt and needed to go to the fabric store, to buy fabric for my sister's quilt. She has fabric, but it isn't what she needs. Therefore, I had to make the sacrifice and take her to Joanne's. Her hobby is getting expensive for me. Read on and find out just how much.

I took advantage of the last day of the twilight sale and our too many coupons and bought some beautiful pieces for the Wildflower quilt. And a few other things. A couple of books, a few trims. We went up to the register, and the cashier rung it up. It all fit neatly in one bag. She said that will be $326 something and I was about to hand her my credit card. Then my brain slowly clicked into gear from its fabric shopping contentment state. "Excuse me, can you repeat the amount again?" I knew I was buying more than I should have, but really, I wasn't expecting three digits, let alone three times three digits. Did I mention that it all fit in a regular grocery bag size bag? And that it was all 40-50% off? That we had coupons leftover that we couldn't use? Luckily I was still in the fabric zombie state, and my mother had just backed into this guy and she was so embarrassed that I found it rather funny. I had confidence in the cashier's ability to handle the situation.

Turns out, one of the quarter yard pieces I bought was rung up as 25 yards. A simple matter of a decimal point gone haywire. The fabric cutter had told me she wasn't a quilter. I guess she proved it.

Phew! Just think of the money I saved. I should be able to spend the difference the next time I go shopping, right?


Tina said...

It's good you were paying attention and didn't just hand over your credit card! Wow!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Good thing you caught that!! Especially before you got back home & looked at your receipt. A similar thing happened to me at Wal-Mart one time. One package of paper plates rang up as a whole pallet load. It took a half hour to straighten out because the cashier couldn't do anything about it, neither could her supervisor because that was what was programmed into the computer. I finally just said I couldn't waste any more time, they either cancelled it out & entered the correct amount manually or I'd leave the whole mess there & they could put it all back. Amazing how fast they solved the problem then. Shoppers have to be on their toes every minute it seems.

Ali Honey said...

You are the second person I have heard of this week who has been wrongly ( over ) charged. A warning to us all to check on the spot before paying.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Good thing is right! I once bought a pack of Big Red gum that rang up at $59.00! Almost made me giving up my chewing habit ;)

I've had so many mistakes at the counter of so many stores it's always made me wish I'd payed attention in math class instead of reading 'Gone with the Wind" behind my math book.

But at least if someone says "$59.00 for a pack of gum?" I would be smart enough NOT to say 'That's right.' Ha!

YankeeQuilter said...

Good catch! We have a new Joanne's here and they are having real problems training their folks.