Monday, April 6, 2009

Winding Down

We had a delicious dinner at my mother's house yesterday. I really like how her living room has artwork that represent all four seasons. My brother painted this fall scene, and my sister picked out a frame for it. The photo is from when she received it, not how it looks on the wall.

Two of the work projects I am involved in are winding down, and we are making sure that everyone understands all the close down procedures, and we don't forget anything. Don't worry, I have two more projects lined up ready to replace these two.

I had imagined sewing down a binding on a quilt during my free time at work, so that on my label, I could write that I had finished at such or such a job, like I did with my election day quilt. I am getting antsy that I don't have a quilted quilt to bind.

Instead, I have been making more Moondance blocks, and progress on those blocks, and therefore that quilt, is slow but steady. I took Quilt Pixie's enthusiasm for making pieced blocks, and lately have been working harder on perfecting my applique technique instead of merely chugging away to finish. The flower shapes look much more like the original cut out than they did before. And I have been trying to take Finn and Michele's Frugal Friday techniques to be satisfied that I am furthering the finishing up of something instead of making something brand new.


Donna said...

may you enjoy the process! progress can be marked by blocks made towards the quilt top, but also how close to the vision in your mind the block approachs :-))

Elaine Adair said...

This painting looks almost like a collage, and maybe COULD be done as a collage. It's a handsome piece, and my favorite subject and favorite colors.

McIrish Annie said...

I can understand how quilters often just want to "get her done". There are so many wonderful projects and fabrics out there beckoning to us. I too am trying to perfect my quilting techniques, taking pride and pleasure in a job well done.

Love the painting. You are a talented family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shasta! Looks like creativity is a family trait!! The process is the thing, and I'm sure your applique will be amazing.

Tanya said...

Wow, your brother is some artist! I love the colors he's chosen and the way they blend! Looks a bit like the forest behind my house in the fall.