Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I hope you don't think my house is so messy that I've been cleaning all this time. Well I have, sort of. Did I tell that I am allergic to cleaning? I am. I'm allergic to dust, so I have to drug up before I clean, which lowers my productivity level. That, and the 50 book limit that the library gives us. Have to return some books, so I can check out all the new ones that bloggers keep talking about.

I've been reading about the Mayflower. I'm distantly related to someone on the Mayflower - except he must not have been very interesting, because except for his name on the list of passengers, he doesn't get a mention in the rest of the book.

I am also catching up on old posts on my bloglines. I have them set up by day. Yesterday I finished reading up all the Tuesday people, so I moved on to the Wednesday people. Um yeah, Happy New Year to you too.


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

So, who's your guy on the Mayflower?
My husband's is Henry Samson. A friend is descended from Edward Doty.
Me, I'm just an American of solid German descent with no connection to the Mayflower at all.

Mary Johnson said...

That's an interesting way to arrange your bloglines -- I'm so far behind I doubt I'll ever catch up on my reading.

Tanya said...

You're so funny. Happy New Year...
I really need to think of some way to systemize my bloglines. And my e-mail. I hate getting behind. And I'd really like to add more people who often visit me. But that would be like condemning myself to the looney bin. Do you think your system helps?