Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I thought I should tell you the rest of the story about my triple coupon adventure. I went to the store on Easter Sunday, thinking everyone else would be at home with their families eating the Easter ham, and looking for eggs. Nope, they were all in line in front of me, and they had taken all of the free stuff. I'm not very disappointed - because, after all, I don't generally buy mustard or vinegar, and even though I'm sure I could have found a use for it, I am okay with it.

The biggest purchase I had was cleaning supplies - and especially air fresheners. Too bad simply purchasing cleaning supplies doesn't magically get your house clean. The average family could probably use it up in a year or two, but it might take me a couple of decades. My allergies tend to get bad, so I use the chemicals sparingly. My daughter loves the air fresheners, but she can only spray them when I am not around.

I bought $132 worth of stuff, for about $81. A 50% savings isn't bad, but it took more coupons to get to the 50%. I also bought things I wouldn't normally have bought - the Doritos - because I thought I could afford to splurge a little. If I hadn't done that, I think I could have been able to get to the 60% I showed you last time.

In other news, there is a robin that is trying to build a nest on the light fixture on the back porch. The fixture has a roof that slants down, so the nest parts keep falling down, including mud, making a mess on my porch and the wall. Ugh! This is probably the third year in a row that a bird has tried to build a nest there. Note to birds: it doesn't work. Try elsewhere.

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Tanya said...

Someone needs to invent that system. Buy the cleaning products, stick them in the room of your choice, close the door and an hour later... clean.