Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I have the day off. Really and truly. Both of my jobs had been scheduled for today, but one of them decided to close for Easter. I was supposed to do the other one today - to keep it from interfering, payroll wise, with the job I just finished last week. But they were worried that the electricity might go out, and I shouldn't wait until the last minute, so they adjusted the payroll so I could start earlier. I was off Friday, and decided I might as well get it done then. I can't do any more work until tomorrow.

I really and truly have the day off. I almost don't know what to do with myself; it has been so long.

There are a few things that will take up my time:

1. Our local grocery store has turned my couponing world upside down by announcing triple coupon days. Coupons 50 cents and under will be tripled. They generally double all coupons less than a dollar. I have prepared myself - made sure all the coupons were clipped and filed away. I also arranged them so all the ones under 50 cents were in the front, so that I won't take too much time looking through the box when I am in the store. I also have a list of things other people have gotten free or very cheap in this promotion.
Because so many coupons are now over 50 cents, I bet the grocery store might even save money on this promotion instead of having their usual double. I hate to avoid the bigger coupons in favor of the smaller $ coupons, but it is a limited promotion, so hopefully I can give the bigger coupons their turn next week.
I staged the photo with my expired coupons. See there are more big coupons than small ones. Wow, I am throwing away a lot of big coupons!

2. Today, I found out about a nifty new program that creates timelines for you. I already have created timelines for our family - when each car was purchased, each baby, each house, etc. - this helped tremendously in dating photographs. Now I might be able to turn these photographs to make our timeline look really spiffy. I know, I still need to scan a lot of the old photographs, but I have yet another motivation to do so.

3. It is Easter, and I have to do the obligatory eating of chocolate. I should buy some more to make sure I don't run out. Especially if I have to share any.


Juliann in WA said...

Triple coupon days are wonderful. They made my life with young children a lot more manageable but we don't have them in the area we live now.

Ali Honey said...

Happy Easter!
I was interested to read that you too had made a mock cathedral windows quilt from denim. Do you have any photos? Or tips on making it? I think mine is going to end up being rather heavy, but it is growing steadily and so far I am pleased with it.

Lea said...

Wow, Triple coupon day sounds wonderful!
I wish my local store have this system. :-)