Friday, October 30, 2009

Traveling Quilt Exhibit

I didn't rake the leaves yesterday, because I thought they would help the ambiance for Beggar's Night. It was pretty dark outside, because most of my neighbors chose not to participate, so they didn't turn on their porch lights until after it was over.

I went outside to rake the leaves today, and decided they would serve as a good backdrop for my fall quilts.

Then I spied my neighbor sitting on the porch having a cigarette. Her leaves are redder than mine. I figured I could be brave enough to ask if I could use her leaves as a backdrop since I didn't have to knock on the door.

Yes, my quilts have ventured into the great outdoors and survived.

Then I read Tanya's post, and wondered what kind of bugs I've brought into my house.


Paula, the quilter said...

Love the little oak leaf wreath quilt.

Ali Honey said...

That's a great backdrop for your quilts. I wouldn't worry about bringing stinkbugs inside cause they can fly anyway so will make their own way in if the want.
Here in NZ we have a green variety of sheild bug we call them vegetable bugs, cause they mostly stay in the garden on beans and other veges. We do need to be very careful when picking silverbeeet or greens that there are no bugs cause one will taint the whole thing and have to be thrown out not eaten.

Shari said...

I like your quilts and they look great photgraphed with the leaves. I recently saw a post from a lady in Nebraska who photgraphed her quilt laid out on snow... hope you have a fun Halloween!

PS Wouldn't worry about bugs - just a little shake when you pick the quilts up is sufficient...

antique quilter said...

pumpkins look adorable!
Love that quilt.

ah fall leaves, great backdrop for quilt picture taking!
thanks for sharing them with us

Allie said...

Great pics, and I love your quilts, especially the pumpkins!

Tanya said...

How interesting that your neighbor's leaves are redder than yours. But they are, aren't they?! They make a lovely backdrop to your Autumn quilts. I'll have to try that!