Tuesday, October 6, 2009


There is a Blogtoberfest going on. Lots of bloggers are committing to having a blog post everyday. I thought about doing it, but I decided it was too much pressure. I had a hard time coming up with blog fodder last month, and I am hoping to be busy this month. But I will try to blog more frequently. The problem is, that with so many people posting everyday, people will be busy and may not get around to reading my posts. So I will be talking (typing) to myself all month for the most part.

So, let's see, what do I want to tell myself? Happenings on the High Road - my mother was so inspired by the bed she cleaned for me, that she decided to do some more. I really appreciate all the work she is doing for me, and the yard is looking really nice and clean, but I am worried that she is expecting me to keep these beds clean - she says things like "You are going to have to dig these trees by the roots to keep them from coming back" and "You should have taken these weeds out before they seeded." Also, some of my time is being spent helping her, and I would rather be spending that time quilting.

I still haven't finished the Alzheimer quilts I started. I want to finish the Bridal Wishes quilt, or whatever I called it. See, it's been so long, I don't even remember the name. Luckily, I can look at my older posts. Plus, I have some ATCs to make for the birthday ATC swap. I haven't sent anything to the September birthday ladies yet, and already it is time for October. I was sick, and when I wasn't sick, I couldn't think of any artistic ideas. I do have an idea now, don't know if it is a good one, but there will be some ATCs made out of that idea. Hopefully for both September and October.

There are many birthdays in my family for October, and my sister thought we should do something special, since it is a special birthday number for all of them! How often does that happen? Surprisingly, this is the first time I noticed, probably because my sister pointed it out. The ages will be 21, 45 and 50. She wanted to rent a park shelter and invite friends and family of all of the birthday people, making it a potluck to keep expenses down. After my own initial objections, I got really excited about it. After the wishy-washiness, and hearing everyone's objections, she decided to scrap the whole project. We'll have our normal gathering, with just the immediate family, and since it will be at my house, it will be up to me to make it special. Any ideas would be appreciated.

She did mention a slideshow again. But since the photos I have been scanning are from the early 80's, the 21 year old's pictures weren't included, and there is a big gap in time for the other two. I finished two boxes, but I was tagging the pictures from the second box, making sure all the information on the back of each photo is properly incorporated onto the photo. Trying to do it right instead of doing it fast, but that does have it's drawbacks sometimes.

I asked Tanya for ideas, and she sent me a huge package of decorations and gifts. I'll show them to you when it is time for the party. Thank you so much Tanya.

Boy, I sure do like to talk to myself! The photo is from May. I'm desperate, I've shown you all the ones I've taken in between times, and my camera battery is dead. I need to take some more backup pictures. All of my hybrid roses have gone back to their original selves. When I went to the store this summer, I found out, they are calling these "knock out roses." So here's my arched knock out roses, and a glimpse of my flower beds. No, my mother hasn't started on the ones you see yet.


Lindah said...

Shasta, those are some very practical benefits....hmmm, wonder how much $$ it would add to the item cost? You know, there always has to be a trade-off. :-(

Allie said...

Special birthdays - well, you could always have everyone sign squares of muslin, with their wishes for everyone's year to come, or thoughtful comments, or nice things to say about them, their best qualities - and then make either lap quilts or small wallhangings out of them. Pigma pens work great for that. Other than that, I have no ideas!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Let me think. Who was it that posted a widget that said "I'll make what I love...and finish what I start" ;) Well, I guess she meant her mother...ducking and running...quick!!!

Linda said...

Just to let you know, you're not talking to yourself. We're lurking out here!!!
Lurking Linda

Tanya said...

Yep, I was wondering how your birthday party turned out. I hope Sushi a good 21st year!