Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

It's the last day of the month, and I figured I would throw in another post, so my Blogtoberfest month doesn't look quite so empty. And no, this is not the same picture I showed you yesterday. I doublechecked. Let's see, do I have anything interesting to tell you?

You'll be happy to know I raked up all my leaves. The city doesn't pick up yard waste anymore, so I have to dump my big trash can full of leaves into the big dumpster of trash. This is not an easy feat, since it requires me to pick up the trash can over my head and shake it into the container. And if I squished the leaves into the trash can, then I have to do a shaking and banging dance right there by the dumpster to empty out the leaves. I didn't do the squishing so I could avoid the dance with the dumpster, so I had to make many trips.

Then I was done, and another neighbor came by. Yes, my neighbors were all out in the middle of the day in a work week. Some have flexible schedules, some are retired, some are unemployed, some are on disability. And it was a gorgeous 80 degree day, so maybe some were playing hooky from work. Anyway, he said "you know, we picked a bad day for doing this." And he was right, because a big gust of wind came and now it doesn't look like we raked at all. I knew it was a risk I was taking, raking the leaves before they had all fallen, but it is easier to do midway, and I thought there would be at least a minute where I could admire my handywork.

You probably want more interesting news, don't you? Well, I'm finished with the last slideshow. It turned out great! I broke it into three different segments, one for friends, one for family, and a special montage about her smile. The poor girl kept saying it should be short, well hers didn't turn out to be quite so short. The other two I was able to keep at about five minutes or so. Hers will be significantly longer. I had plenty of good pictures I wanted to show off. And lots of people had lots of things to say about her.

Did you know, that there really isn't a song that says you have a beautiful smile? There are songs that tell you to smile, and songs that say I miss your smile, and songs that talk about smiling during gloomy times, and others that talk about a beautiful smile turn into love songs between lovers. Remember that invention idea I gave you before about the LCD price tags? Add a simple song saying "You have a beautiful smile" to the list. Make it with a nice peppy beat, so people won't fall asleep or let their thoughts wander during my slide show. And make it kinda long, so I can fit lots of pictures in that one song!


Teodo said...

happy hallowen to yuo.
ciao ciao

Allie said...

Our winds were about 40mph today, did the raking for us, lol....all that work!
Wish I could whip up a song for you, but my skills are severely limited. Good job on the slide shows!