Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eastern Standard Time

Welcome to November, and back to Eastern Standard Time. Goodbye Daylight Savings Time. I always look forward to this time change. I wish we could keep it this way. I woke up earlier than I usually do, and with the extra hour gained from the time change, I have had a leisurely productive day. I am getting lots of things done, even though there is no stress or pressure. Everyday should be like this.

Instead of bringing out all the sewing stuff and bringing my house back to pre-party mode, I am still trying to organize and do some more cleanup. I'm focusing on my basement, and cleaning out the kitchen. I do this from time to time, limiting my grocery shopping and see how much I can eat out of the contents of my kitchen. There was a turkey breast in the freezer taking up room, so I'm baking it now. After the freezer, I will tackle the canned goods. A big purge before I stock up for winter will be good.

My sister said it is Art Month. She actually said it is Art A Day month, where you do something artsty everyday. Although I saw several reference to to October being declared Art Month, I couldn't see a reference to the Art A Day Month online, and you know it is only true if it is online. Now that you have seen here, it is real. Seeing how well I did with Blogtoberfest, and I'm not sure I can commit to art everyday, especially when Scanfest is about to resume, but I do have to make some ATCs today, and any effort is better than no effort, so we will see how it goes.

The photo is of something Tanya made for me a while back. I took the photo, thinking I would use it for the slide show somehow, but I didn't, and it is art, so it works here. It looks a little lumpy and shadowy because I didn't lay it down flat, and I cast a shadow on it.

edited to add: It is real. It's Art Everyday Month, Here's a site for ideas and to join Creative Every Day . Here's a Sacred Circles Mandala from last year, so apparently this might be an annual or a monthly event.


Allie said...

I like the change back to EST also. I love the extra hour but I'd prefer it stay this way!

Art everyday, I love this idea!

Tanya said...

Hmm. That picture looks familiar. Or at least the pattern does... I'd forgotten!