Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday!

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. We had a gathering here at my house, around lunchtime. Everybody else brought all the food. My sister-in-law was not able to attend, because she was getting ready for an evening gathering with her family. We watched the slideshow I made for my daughter, and played Pictionary.

I let them know that I would be making all my gifts, and if anyone had any requests, to let me know. My niece was the only one with a request. She wanted a warm fuzzy blanket. I didn't tell her that her request had to use available supplies, because I didn't want her to know I as being cheap, but I figured I could buy some fuzzy fabric. Or buy a warm fuzzy blanket. They are pretty inexpensive anyway. It's a good thing nobody else had any requests!

Since the gathering was in the afternoon, I had time in the evening to laze around and read some blogs and watch TV and see all the ads. And to look at the free newspaper with all of its ads. How can a bargain shopper resist Black Friday, I ask you? It is impossible. One of the blogs I read, I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts, Ryan has recently purchased a sewing machine table, the kind I've dreamed about for years. I kept seeing all these cabinets, and wishing for a simple table with a hole in it for a sewing machine. I want a flat bed for my sewing machine, but not the expense, and the cabinet space which may or may not fit my needs, and will definitely not fit my limited available space in my house. His table is perfectly simple! And it folds for easy storage! The reviews say it is heavy but since my ironing board is open all the time, I figure I'm not going to be folding it very often, and I can handle the weight for when I have company. And heavy = sturdy, right? I couldn't get it for any cheaper than he did, $110, when you include shipping.

Then when I saw that Joann had what looks like the same exact table for $80, well I just had to wake up early and go. I know that it is expensive, especially when you know I'm going to be a cheapskate with the gift giving, but it is an investment, and I'll definitely get my moneys worth of use out of it. They had already made, fuzzy blankets for $2.99. How could I not go? What else do I have to do at dark o'thirty?

I didn't try to get there when the store opened, so no waiting in line in the rain. I went early, when it was still dark. It was easy. There were lots of people there, but I didn't buy anything that needed to be cut. Temptation was great though, and other things were purchased. I bought an organizer for stuff. Also bought a Cricut. I'm not sure about that one, it was a great price, but I'm not sure I'll get my money's worth out of it. I know people who use it rave about it, but the lady standing next to me in line said she hadn't bothered to figure out how to use hers yet, and I'm not sure how often I would be cutting the same shape, especially since you have to buy new cartridges for different shapes. What do you think? Would you get your money's worth with a Cricut? I might be returning it.

There were lots of people in the store, but there was plenty of supply, so there was no pushing or shoving. The cashier's line was very very long, but it went incredibly fast, about 10 minutes. And they gave us Hershey's Kisses to give us energy while we waited.

Then I went home, woke up the daughter, and took her to Kohls to buy luggage for her upcoming trip. Also at an amazing price. Of course she threw a couple of pairs of jeans in the cart, and I added gloves. The line was also long there, but also very fast. I think people are friendlier on Black Friday than later in the shopping season. They haven't gotten tired of it yet. Or maybe they are still half asleep!

Now we are going to attempt to stay away from stores for the rest of the holiday season.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Great table! i got so tired of looking up to my machine on its garage sale 'farm' kitchen table that I cut its legs down....forgetting that my ironing board was slipped under it to make an 'l'. Now, when I want to iron, I practically have to get on my knees!But the free motion quilting height is great at the table! Win some, lose some. Now the 2.99 absolutely cannot beat that! Cricut? I know 2 friends with them and a 3rd coveting one. The 'haves' have never made hardly any 'real' projects yet...just love showing them off and they've had them for years. Greeting cards etc...yes. wall art? too small. Applique shapes for quilting...a possibility. Again, the $ for each template etc. Oh, someone makes a similar thing just for fabric shapes and starts at $1,000 and each template is $100. Then Cricut looks a lot better..especially for crafts!Only you will know for sure...use versus price!

Allie said...

NICE table!!!! I stayed home today - Joann's is about the only place I'll venture to on Black Friday. But they've closed the two closest ones to my house and I'm mad about it. You got some great deals!!!!!
All I'm making this year is cookies, and a couple of handmade things.

Tanya said...

Wait, wait! Did you get that table for $80? I would have put that purchase in capital letters. SEWING MACHUNE PURCHASED!!! YEAH ME!!!
I was going to suggest those fleece tie blankets (made some last year) but at $2.99 that can't be beat.