Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rinse and Repeat

It's another beautiful day outside, so I repeated what I did last week. Rake the leaves, fill up a couple of dumpsters. It really didn't look like there was that much outside; I even debated just mowing them, but they filled up both of the dumpsters. Luckily trash day is tomorrow. Then I went back out with my camera and took a few pictures.

For art yesterday, I started working on this project that Tanya gave me. I couldn't find the thread / floss she gave me - it's tucked away in a special place. I decided it is better to do it than waste my time getting frustrated looking for it. I am using a quilting thread. This is obviously the before picture, so you can see how pretty it is before I get my needle to it.

And for those of you wondering if following a pattern is really art, hey, I chose the thread! No, eventually sometime this month, I will make something of my own creation. Most of my ideas involve pulling out fabric, and since my sewing space is relatively neat right now, I'm trying to keep it that way.


Allie said...

My you're industrious! I cleaned my room the other day looking for my thimbles. It's not that way anymore, what happened? I like your new project.


I guess I need to clean too. lol Always looks good until I start something. Too many projects so had to get something finished and am down to two, but I am organizing tomorrow! Thanks for the help with kitty names. Too much fun!