Monday, November 16, 2009


I guess it is a good thing that I've been spending time in the basement, working on cleaning it up. Everything is now organized in the boxes again - the ones that have fallen apart have been replaced, and most of the empty boxes and bags (they can be useful!) have all been taken away. I'm still going through the full boxes in an effort to reduce. There are still some boxes on the floor, and I'd like to have no more than can fit on the shelves.

I say I guess it is a good thing, because Friday night, yes it has to be at the start of the weekend, I smelled gas. Wasn't sure, with my allergies, but decided that it is better to be safe than sorry, and called the gas company on an emergency run. Yes, he did ask "what is your emergency?" I thought I had been transferred to 911 for a minute!

He came and after checking - he started and checked everywhere except where I said I had smelled the smell, he finally got around to the furnace, and decided that it was leaking. He said he had to shut it off. Lovely.

I figured I could manage the night without heat - I might have a blanket or two to keep me warm - and deal with it in the morning. The furnace guy said I needed an expensive part, and they charge $200 extra to open up the shop on the weekend! I guess I should have called someone who trusts their employees into the storeroom on the weekend. I decided that I was poor enough that I could manage a weekend without heat. I have sweaters and space heaters, maybe a lap quilt or two, and the temperature outside is not too cold.

Saturday was fine, but the sun decided not to come out on Sunday. I realized that I move around the whole house a lot more than I thought. Every time I decided to go to another room, I had to think about whether it was worth moving the space heater. I baked a cake instead! It worked great.

If you come to visit before it is all fixed, sorry. You might have to keep your coat on, but I'd be happy to fix you some tea or coffee to help keep you warm. And cake. I have cake.

Photo is from the internet. My heater is actually smaller!


Michele Bilyeu said...

I like both coffee and tea, and definitely pass me a piece of cake! Do you know that you are the fifth blog (in a row) where someone is cleaning? I told Quiltdiva Julie that we feather our nests in the Spring and clean out our boor's dens in the Fall. Now, I need to go look up boors den to find out if I've been going around the web insulting everybody more than I thought ;)

Allie said...

EEEEK - no heat! It's always amazing to me just how cold a house can get. Keep baking! I hope it gets fixed quick!

Tanya said...

Ahh. Space heaters. The cold has been keeping me from my sewing room (I put in a foot heater for Velvet to enjoy though). Do I really want to move a space heater up there and then wait for the room to heat up before I sew? Nope. Stay in the livingroom (heater's been on since morning) and knit instead...