Sunday, November 15, 2009

Upcoming Project

I'm still working on the sashiko, and my mind has still been floating around to the millions of other small projects I want to make now that I don't have to have a purpose for them.

One day, I went to Joann's. I think it was after the Stitching Post went away, and a new very similar establishment took it's place. I was just walking by to see if there would be any good going out of business sale, which there wasn't, but the lady asked me if I wanted to look at her new sewing machine. I explained to her that I wasn't in the market for a sewing machine, but she talked me into looking at it anyway. I can dream, can't I? Be ready for when that spend a million dollar in a minute shopping spree comes along, I'll know exactly what I want.

Anyway, she gave me this sample as a gift to take home. I'm not sure what kind of flower it is, or even if I have it facing the right way. I got to push the button to get this to start! I think I was supposed to be impressed by that. Anyway, this will be the start of my next project. See how honorable I am, using up an orphan block. Not starting any NEW projects. Many great ideas for this one, including using up some more purple HSTs, or making one of those stitchery / patchwork quilts like the Australians have been making. Love those! But I've decided on making a delectable mountains quilt, like the one I made for a swap quilt once. A bonus is I won't have to know which way is up! It will be a scrappy one, since I don't have big pieces of the fabrics I want to use. I am cutting now, and hopefully I will have the stitchery done, and I can rush into stitching this one.

Sorry, the picture is blurry, but hopefully you'll be even more impressed when the finished product doesn't look as blurry.


Allie said...

That's pretty! And haha, I used to be one of those sales ladies, lol. I wasn't very good at it. I'm not insistent enough, I guess....I figure people know what they want.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Depending on its size...this could be the perfect start of another AAQI donation ;)