Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa's Workshop

Santa has decided that my vacation is over. I was able to take Thanksgiving and Black Friday off, and now, even though it is the weekend, I must work, work, work, in order to make gifts for 10 people.

During my vacation, I did manage to come up with some gift ideas of what these 10 people (well actually 7, still need to figure out the men) would appreciate getting. So, I've set aside the African Circle quilt - not too far away, I want to get back to it right away.

I didn't have a good recent picture to add to the blog, so I looked back for one I hadn't shown you, and it seemed like I kept looking back and back (each upload is in its own folder). So I decided to show you one from late November last year. Since there was a new crane made for Thanksgiving this year, I thought I should photograph that for you as well. It seems to be slightly incomplete. The picture at the top of the page is this year's edition. And already on the camera was a picture of an African circle, so I threw that in the post for you as well.


Michele Bilyeu said...

All this time it was up to SANTA as to whether we get time off or not??? Dang, no wonder all I do is work...I didn't know who I was supposed to address my complaints and requests to!!!! This year, my requests letter is going in the mail good and early!!!

Tanya said...

Could you explain why you make an origami crane every Thanksgiving.