Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa's Workshop

Today, I planned on showing you my first finish of the season. Gift #1 of 10. One of the 10 gifts I plan to make for the holidays. I was going to tell you that my math doesn't seem to be working. I need three days to make a gift - one to make the mistake, one day to cry about it, and one day to fix it. 3 days x 10 gifts = missed deadline. I was thinking that I needed to cry faster, and hopefully try to avoid a mistake or two. Sigh. I forgot about my special talent to make mistakes while I am fixing, so maybe I need five days. Five days x 10 gifts = lots of missing gifts. No worries, whatever I don't finish, I can just go out and buy. I am only going to work on one gift at a time, so there won't be half finished products.

On Sunday I remembered that besides the holiday, there are four birthdays this month. One of the birthday people likes to collect antiques, and thrift store stuff. Last year, I went to several thrift stores, and was unable to find anything. It has to either be antique, and what do I know about antiques, or it has to be something fun that she would want. I didn't find anything. But I decided to stop at the thrift store since I was driving by it. I found these great containers. They are probably not antique, but they are useful, and if she doesn't like them, she can give them back to me. The first time I saw these at a doctor's office, I wanted them. The plaque looks old, and has a nice cheery saying. The bowl I might keep for me.

I'd been feeling for a week or two that I should go. I thought it might be the blogs I read, but it might have been intuition, because there were several quilty and crafty things there. All of this stuff - in both pictures - for less than the price of a retail store bought gift.

I used the single fold bias binding I got at the thrift store to speed things along on Gift #1, but even with glue and pins, it is a messy job, and I am going to have to unsew and redo the binding. Hopefully I can do that and start on Gift #2 today.


Michele Bilyeu said...

All I can recommend is to cry as you make the mistake and not afterwards. That'll cut you down to two days per project. Now if you could make the mistake, cry about it and fix it all at the same time, you'd have it made...pardon the pun ;)

Allie said...

You did good at the thrift store!!! Good job.
Maybe you can save time by crying WHILE you start a project, knowing the mistake is coming. I don't cry, I throw it. I squash it up and fling it. But since it's made of fabric, it doesn't make the satisfactory THUNK of a well-deserved throw. I end up having to stomp on it too.