Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Poor Gingerbread Man

My nephew came over yesterday to finish the second owl that he had started. He finished it, and wanted to make something for his cousins. He decided to make a gingerbread man. It took a while to make, and he was tickled with the results, so I think he is going to keep it. As you can tell, the gingerbread man has gone through a lot of abuse. I thought turning him inside out would be good since we used fabric instead of felt, but then we didn't leave much room for the seam allowance, so we abandoned that idea. Since he has been taking up so much of my sewing machine time, and since he wants to practice sewing on the machine, I had him make some gift bags for me. I've been meaning to make gift bags for a while - save money on wrapping paper, save the environment, convenience of bags vs. paper, and not have to worry about running out. He made three for me before he started talking about child labor. Fortunately for me, his parents have no problems with utilizing his labor.

My daughter moved out of her school this week. She's going to a different school next semester. Lots of trips up and down steps and through various hallways. I do believe a psychology professor must have designed the building to resemble a rat maze.


Michele Bilyeu said...

These are hilariously, wonderful cute! Way better than if they'd been perfect! I do think we may have to put him into the slave labor trade as a 'rent a nephew.' I suggest his next job being to help you move DD into her new school. Hope it works out well for her and she get a fresh new start for 2010!

Shari said...

Merry Christmas Shasta! Tell your nephew he has made the best ever gingerbread man I have ever seen!

Whoo hoo! Another generation of quilters!