Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gift #5 of 10 in Process

It feels so good to be typing Gift #5 of 10, because it makes me feel like I am at the halfway point, but it is really cheating, because Gift #3 isn't finished. I was wondering if Gift #3 needs to be renamed, but that's too much thought and effort, and I've got ten gifts to make!

I have been wavering about the Cricut that I bought on Black Friday. The daughter thought I should return it. I kept thinking that it would be really good to cut lots of leaves for applique. But I was thinking that it would take at least eight hours of cutting leaves to make that thing worthwhile, assuming $10 an hour. That's a lot of leaves! Plus, I have a nephew who would probably do it, especially at that price. Besides, I'm too cheap to pay anyone to cut up leaves for me anyway! Since I was pretty certain yesterday, I went off to Joann and returned it.

I thought I would look around for ideas - yes always a dangerous thing - but I really need the right fabric for the rest of the gifts. One of my ideas was to make an apron with some old fashioned looking fabric I got from a yard sale for the thrift store gal. I don't have a pattern, so I thought a simple waist apron would be fine, with my newly learned skill of french folding. I prefer an apron that covers the shirt as well, but compromises need to be made. But I couldn't find the fabric I was thinking of, and every time I looked, I kept encountering more projects that I want to be working on for me.

Joann had apron kits for $10 each - sorry couldn't find an internet photo, and I thought that would be good for one of the gifts - an apron, not the kit. I found a Debbie Mum panel that was much cheaper, $1.50 a panel, and I liked the design better, so I bought the panel. I bought the kit anyway, because I liked the hanger. The kit involves more sewing, with ruffles, etc., so I'm going to stick with the simple panel. Then today I stumbled upon this Michael Miller pattern for an reversible apron, so now I am thinking I should find a fabric for the back. It would be much easier than trying to hem neatly since I don't have a rolled hem foot. I'll have to make the other one for me. I need one for when I am eating.

The people at the store were very friendly - the customers as well as the employees. So it was a pleasant trip.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Aprons are always a great gift. There are times we just plain need them and they're super cute to have on when company comes always makes me feel like I can cook and have been slaving over sauces all day..haha.

A Cricut is one of those items we covet but in the end they probably are more want than need and end up sitting in back bedrooms.

You can still cut leaves when you watch tv and show us photos of them piling up and falling down and being swept up into bags ;)

You're doing great on your list!

Allie said...

*SNORT* "I need one when I'm eating"......ME TOO!!!!!!! Or maybe just a big bib. I love the panel - and the kit!