Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift #7 of 10 in progress

It's so nice to be able to see so much progress. I'm on #7. Although, it does make me worry about getting the rest of the projects done on time - considering that I still have to think of most of the ideas.

I talked to the nephew about his parents, and he said that his father liked the color blue, and liked to bake. I was thinking potholders for him, so that worked out perfectly. But no, my teeny tiny four inch potholders are not good enough. They use potholders everyday, to bring the food to the coffee table or wherever they are eating, and the same potholder gets used as a placemat under the food. Their potholders are eight inches square. No problem, I have some blue and white kits left over from the BOM I bought a couple of years back, and they are 12 inches. A couple of nice Ohio Star or similar HST blocks would be nice and quick.

No, the nephew insisted that a geometric pattern would not do. His father likes to bake, and bakery items have to go on the potholder. I searched around for some clip art, and found a few. I was thinking of more than one potholder, but goodness, one of these is like making a whole quilt! I got a couple of pancake clip art, and put them together. He really liked the red topping instead of the butter and syrup. Then I wasn't sure it really looks like pancakes, so it sat for the day. But today, I came downstairs without my glasses on, and it does kinda look like pancakes. So today, I guess I will stitch it down. Maybe I'll write "Pancakes" with a Sharpie, to give people a clue about what it is. I'll also make a cupcake one, but I think I'll stop at two potholders.

I had to reverse the light and dark beige colors, because I didn't have very much of the light, so these look like whole wheat pancakes. See, I'm promoting a healthy lifestyle. Fruit and wheat.

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