Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gift 5 of 10 - Apron

I finished the apron I showed in my last post. I am really happy that I found the directions for the reversible apron, because I think that helped a lot. I am really tickled that it looks like an apron. I am using a panel, so of course it should look right, but the size seemed short, which it isn't. The panel seems to have forgotten about seam allowances, since you are supposed to cut on the line, then some of the design gets hidden. And if you try to leave a seam allowance outside the line, there isn't enough space near the armhole. But it worked out all right in the end. The hardest part was cutting two shapes that were the same. Too bad the Cricut can't cut that big! The back is cotton fabric that is printed to look like burlap. I put a pocket on each side.

Of course, while I was making it, I thought of a couple of other gifts to make for this gift recipient. She really likes books, and this book wreath, or a pillow or box that looks like a book would have been great choices. I would have much preferred ideas for the remaining gift recipients.

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Allie said...

That turned out so sweet! Thanks for the links....I'm NOT making anything else, but it's fun to look!