Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gifts #9 of 10 and #10 of 10

When I went to pick up my daughter from school, I bought the remaining birthday presents. I also bought a shirt for Gift #9. I know it is cheating, but I wanted to be sure that I wouldn't leave anyone gift-less. I still can't think of what to make him. He likes electronic parts - like the innards of the computer, and without specifications, that is something I simply can't make or even buy. I gave him the gift of my time at the hospital, the doctor's office, and at stores, instead of away from him making stuff.

At the beginning of this project, I made written up my list of ideas on an index card. About halfway through the project, I lost said list. Getting ready for Thanksgiving, I had put away the sewing stuff that was in the living room into a suitcase. I sew in my living room, and to transform it from a studio to a living room, all the stuff has to be stored away. Suitcases are great for this! Why store them empty, when you can use the space.

The other day, I was looking in the suitcase, and I noticed the sashiko I had made. It was a kit that Tanya sent me. I had forgotten that I was going to do something with it for gift giving for recipient #10. I decided I didn't want a wall hanging, where it would be up for scrutiny, and the gift recipient doesn't use bags very much, so a pillow was the way to go. A quick run to the closest dollar store to get some "stuffing". I thought they might have some cheap ugly pillow I could use as a pillow form. They didn't have small pillows or pillow forms, but this was a great substitute. I like to watch the holiday rush from afar, and steer clear from shopping this close to Christmas. I have reminders of Tanya all throughout my house, and now another family member will have one too!

Did you notice the mitered corners? Four of them, and they went together easily. I have practiced so many different techniques this project - mitered corners, french seams, sashiko, bag making, apron making, stuffing pillows, etc.

I'm still not done. I want to see if I can finish making the gift bags, and there are ideas for additional gifts - the pie potholder, a notebook cover for recipient #1, and some coasters that were specifically requested at the last minute.

I hope your Christmas festivities are, well, festive. Merry Christmas.


Teodo said...

Buon Natale - Merry Christmas.
ciao ciao

Tanya said...

Your sashiko cushion is great!! I ought to try that too!

You know Shasta, you are the only blog friend I have ever met in person. Thank you for being you!

Merry Christmas!