Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Day of Art?

I generally have some loose plans for the day, as a guide for what I will be doing. Nothing too strict, because things don't always work out. Well, yesterday, I didn't follow my plans. I wore some dress clothes, because my jeans were in the dryer. That might have started it. I started hand washing my hand washing clothes. Then, when I went to the basement to get the clean laundry, I started cleaning the basement. Yes, I want to do that, but that wasn't on the list of things to do yesterday. I decided to leave myself on auto pilot, because I was getting more things accomplished just doing things as I went along instead of following a list.

Is the cleaner basement art? Yes it is. It looks much less ugly than it did. And beautification is one purpose of art, isn't it? Making it look pretty would involve a capital investment, but I am going to head on back downstairs, see if I can make it look even less ugly. I am pretending that I have a camera crew from Hoarders with me. I think it will make it easier to get rid of the junk.

And yes, I did work on my stitching project too.


Teodo said...

Well done Shasta, I think too that cleaning the basament ( only once a year) is a good form of art.
ciao ciao

Allie said...

Well, home-making is an art - so yes it qualifies. I'm going to have to try auto-pilot instead of making a list, see if anything gets done!

gunnelsvensson said...

Yes we have more art to do ;-) not only in our studios !
Thanks for your nice comment!

Elaine Adair said...

I am laughing about the reference to the cleaner basement and Hoarders! Every time I watch that program I clean out a closet or drawers, afterwards! What an incentive.

Congrats on your energy and enthusiam and resolve to manage so much work today! 8-)))

Tamara Lund D.C. said...

I told DH that I wanted a basement for Christmas a few years ago. What a great opportunity to get the kids their own space. I love the luggage tag. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Kay said...

I worked on cleaning my basement too, Since that's where I work, I guess it leads to art, even if it isn't art itself. Your photo is art, by the way.