Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10/10/10 Results

I am sure that you are waiting with baited breath to see if I had any finishes that I could mark as 10/10/10.  Yes I did.  Sort of.

I decided to do something do-able instead of stressing out over it.  I decided to do a block for the Jane Stickle book.  Not only would this give me a completion, it would also bring progress to this project that has stalled for a very long time.  Longer than I like to imagine.  Part of the problem has to do with a change in scanners, which is a silly reason indeed.  I realize that the quilt won't have the 10/10/10 date on it, but the spreadsheet will.

When I got out my material, I found that I had already started this block.  Even better!  I found the background fabric I needed, trimmed away unneeded parts of the applique, carefully and properly centered the applique with the freezer paper on top and sewed away.  It wasn't until I took off the freezer paper that I realized that the applique had slid away from the freezer paper, and my block isn't as symmetrical as I wanted.

I could take out the bigger parts and trim and applique them down smaller, but in order to have a 10/10/10 finish, I decided to call this finished and be done with it.  I don't think it looks bad, so it seems more of a design choice than an error.

As always,  I reserve the right to remake any blocks that are bothering me at that time.  But really, I think I will have so many of these hmmm blocks that I won't want to make the effort.

I have also finished all four of the Quilts for Kids quilts!  Yeah!  I need to set the ink on the labels, and wash them before I send them off.  Oh yeah, and take pictures first.


Allie said...

Well congratulations on a very nice block - I like your idea of leaving it, it looks just fine to me. I would NOT want to remake any of those blocks!
Congrats too on the Quilts For Kids finishes!

Barb said...

congrats on your finishes!
I like the asymmetry of the block.