Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Cry for Me Blogland

Don't cry for me Blogland. You know I never left you.

These gorgeous dresses are on sale 2 for $9.  Unfortunately, you have to go back to 1935 to get them!

I've been doing some genealogy research.  Pulling up microfilm obituaries for newly found cousins.  Even though there is so much on the internet now, more than 90% of is not online. The really good stuff requires old technology and dusty papers.  I saw a TV show where someone just did an internet search on someone's name and their entire family tree was right there.  That doesn't happen in real life.  Which is a good thing, because it is fun to do the research. 

In quilting news, I have added the inner borders to the rail fence quilt.  The outer (piano) borders have been pieced together, but I have to count to see how many I need on each side.

I am still trying to think of ideas for the holiday gifts.  My impulse is to just make what I want, and figure out who to give it to later.  Would it be improper to put a pile on the floor and ask people to just pick their gift from the pile?

Hopefully, once I get the ball rolling, I will have ideas for specific people.  It is the starting that is the hardest.

Edited to add:  I thought that you all had abandoned me!  I just looked at my blog, and there were 8 comments to my last post, and I didn't get a single one in my e-mail!  Thank you for your comments, and I don't feel abandoned anymore.  I will check my settings, even though I didn't change anything.


Paula, the quilter said...

My gift giving list consists of hand knit socks. Everyone but hubby, my brother and auntie will get socks. Hubby 'cause I know he won't wear then so why waste the time. Brother because of diabetes and he needs a different type of sock. Auntie because she can't get them on. HTH.

Shasta Matova said...


Michele Bilyeu said...

I laughed when I read 'put the gifts on the floor and let them pick what they want.' With how relatives can be, that's when the 'she got the one I wanted' starts. Heck, do one of the white elephant games. Wrap each item up. Hand out numbers. Number 1 picks a WRAPPED gift, opens it. Number 2 does the same, only has the option to take number 1's gift and give them theirs...etc. etc. Take a lot longer and gets funny so there isn't as much complaining..haha.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I made flannel pillowcases for everyone in the family last year. I started out by asking a question and the one could answer it got first choice, then they asked a question, etc., until everyone had a pillowcase. Everyone loved it!
I had one day where no comment emails came in until 2:30 in the afternoon.

Allie said...

Gosh I had no idea so little was online for research. Good for you on digging out those nuggets.
I love your comment about putting the gifts in a pile on the floor - how about a raffle? Or auction? Maybe you'd get a little Christmas cash from it too, lol. I'm going to explore this idea a bit more....*G*

Barb said...

seems like blogger has been a little weird lately, you are not the only one having problems.
I'd love to go back in time for the dress as well as the prices.
I love dresses - and they are $$ if you can find a nice casual one at all.

Tanya said...

Oh good... Maybe something happened with the comments you were sending to me too... I hope we are back in touch again!