Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Gift #1: Tissue Covers

I don't think that anyone in my family has every thought to themselves "Hmm, I need a cover for these little tissue packages," but I would like to think that if they saw one at a craft show, they would say "Hey, that's cute, and could come in handy" and get it for themselves if the price was right.

I saw a recent tutorial, and probably bookmarked it, but didn't make it the day I saw it.  When I was ready, I just did an internet search, because my bookmark list is very long, and looked at the first couple.  Neither is the tutorial  I bookmarked,  but it is simple enough that either would work.  The first one I saw uses smaller fabric than the second one.  But it is a simple tissue cover.  The second one uses bigger fabric and overlaps them a bit.  It also puts all the excess fabric on one side, which works well if you are overlapping.  But it is more complicated because it includes a hanger.  So I combined the two, made it simple without a hanger, although I did box the corners, but with bigger fabric, and with the excess fabric on one side instead of both sides.

They are fun to make and quick. And if you don't have tissues, candy fits in there really nicely too!

PS. I figured out the comments problem.  I have my mail forwarded from my HighRoadQuilter account to one I use everyday, to avoid having to look too many places for my mail.  I have to log in every so many days in order for them to know that I haven't abandoned it, and close it down.  Apparently they thought I had abandoned it.  I'm just glad they didn't give the name to someone else.  And I've noted on my calendar to log in next time.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Actually, this is a very good gift idea! Truly something no one could sneeze at, either (so to speak.) You make me realize I truly should be thinking about Christmas, myself!!!!

Allie said...

Those are really pretty - good for you to figure out how to make it work best for you. Glad you figured out your comments too. I have one account for blogs, one account for everything else, and one account just for when I was purchasing stuff on ebay. The passwords get SO confusing.

Barb said...

Love the tissue holders..