Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reading Blogs

from internet - my actual one is prettier with pictures

I use Google Reader to read my blogs, having switched over from Bloglines.  Bloglines could tell me how many unread posts I had, but Google Reader can't count past 1000, so I always have 1000+ to read.  I liked to be able to see the number going down, but  now it just stays at 1000+, even though I read a lot of posts everyday. (Ok, I will admit I skim through a lot of them too.) Google Reader lets you choose whether your posts are read when you mark them as such, or when you have scrolled past them.

When I saw a quilt I liked on Bloglines, I would keep a copy of the image and let the post disappear (instead of marking as unread).  I had thought about asking for permission to make a copy of the quilt or use it for inspiration - but let's face it, there is no way I am going to make every quilt I want.  But then I don't know where I got the picture from, so if I wanted permission years from now, I wouldn't know who to ask.  Now on Google Reader, I can not mark the post as read and keep it until I am done with it.  Which explains the 1000+ posts!

I had Kate's Another Little Quilt swap on my reader.  I had marked all the posts as read, except for the quilts that were on the list of quilts I wanted. So I had 11 posts - 10 quilt choices and one administrative message left unread on Google Reader.  I noticed that the number kept going down.  Strange, since I hadn't marked any as read, and I have it set up to only mark as read things I mark that way, not just things I have seen.  Today I only have one message left from that blog.

I am missing out on so much inspiration! I am going to have to come up with a new plan.


When I look at little quilts people make, a lot of times, they use a doll bed or a doll to model their quilt.  I thought I should go out and buy a model for my quilts.  But now that I have cleaned the basement, I think I might use my daughter's old dolls.  I've just cleaned them, and you might see them from time to time on the blog. I might have to have an audition to see which ones would make good models.

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Allie said...

When I see something I like on a blog in Reader, I click on the title and go to that post - then I bookmark it and put it in a folder in my bookmarks called tutorials. Even if it's not a tutorial, lol, just a pic. That way I can get back to it - sometimes I rename it when I bookmark it, so I'll know what I'm looking for.