Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Memories

When I go to a blog post, and see a giveaway, I generally enter.  It shows support to the blogger, and gives me a potential to win something.  I haven't won anything in a while, but that doesn't dissuade me from trying.  Recently, I went to Michelle's blog, and saw that she was giving away some scrapbooking software.  So I entered.

And then I received an email and a blog post to say that I have won it! Not only does the prize include My Memories software with its standard templates, there is also another $10 to get additional templates.

I downloaded the base software and am already loving it! I thought I should wait until I tried it before downloading the additional templates. For my trial, I grabbed some animal shots from the wilds. They could probably using some brightening up of the colors and maybe some enlarging or cropping, but I wasn't taking my time to do much of that. The software does let you crop and change sizes, and tilt the pictures.

I chose this template that has all these little boxes - it comes in four seasons, and I chose fall. This is a great template because you can leave the boxes, or put in photos in its place. You can also add embellishments - buttons, dots, etc., but I didn't do that on these pages. I did play with it a bit though. I had a hard time getting the layers right. I added a swirl, and some dots on top, then I wanted to change a picture, and I had to move the swirl and dots, and then the dots weren't in the right place on the swirl. I haven't worked with layers much, and I guess you should make sure your base is how you want it before you add the next layer, but sometimes how the layer looks makes you want to change the base. I did manage to work it out though.

The standard software comes with a pretty good amount of stuff - page templates, colors, shapes, fonts, embellishments. Of course you will want new templates and new do dads as soon as you get the software, and it comes with several free sets, and you can of course buy more!

When you are done, you can add music and create a slideshow, or print them out into a book, or create a DVD, etc.

Thanks Michelle, for the chance to win, and the win!


Tanya said...

It sure looks like you are having fun! My friend keeps suggesting I do more with photos and download programs but I spend too much time on this computer anyway. Your collages are tempting...

Allie said...

Congratulations - how fun is that!!

Anna said...