Thursday, September 29, 2011

Next Project

Now that I have finished the Celebrate quilt, I am free to work on another one.  I am trying very hard not to start a new project, and stay focused on completing some old ones.  I have many projects in the works, and several kits that are ready to start.  There are several quiltalongs and other available projects that are distracting me, but I think I will be able to finish some current projects without starting anything new.

I don't have a leader and ender project ready, and there are a couple of projects that sound interesting to me - the warm/cool quilt, and the leggo quilt.  Both would work great, but it does feel like I would be starting a new project. I have fabric that would work wonderfully for the cool part of the warm/cool quilt, but they are designated for another quilt.  I'll have to think about whether I want to repurpose them, since that would also involve finding some warm fabrics as well. I might just go with the leggo quilt to start, since I can use up the leftover scraps.

I think for now, I will work on quilts that don't require the sewing machine.  I am handquilting the moldy crackers quilt.  (yes this is an old picture, there has been more progress made during the year).  This way I can have projects move forward, and after a while, I will start cutting the strips for the leggo quilt.

The other issue I have is to take my time and not rush through the current quilts so I can get on to new ones.It is so much fun to start a new project!

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