Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lost For a Whole Month

Oh my goodness! My last post was in January, and here's March.  What happened to February?  Sorry, I didn't mean to be missing.

I was on HubPages, writing hubs, and reading hubs, learning how to write hubs, making comments on hubs.

I ventured out to read blogs instead yesterday, and oh swoon!  So many beautiful quilts.  I remember what happens to me when I read blogs.  I want to make every quilt I see.  Of course, the fact that it takes me forever to finish a single one is a very small detail!

You'll be happy to know that I found my lost block.  Sorry to make you worry about my missing all month long.  What? You don't remember?  Oh yeah, it was a BOM and now I found it.  It was under another WIP.  Yes I can still call it a WIP instead of a UFO as long as it is in plain sight.

Technically it is two blocks, and I even put them blocks together.  All the blocks are sewn now, and some of the setting stars.


Barb said...

sounds like you have busy -
I'm so glad you found the lost block!

Allie said...

A whole month - wow! Might go that long myself if I dont' finish this quilt. Glad you found your block, can't wait to see!~

Michele Bilyeu said...

We noticed, and we missed you. You missed on a hub page major hit with the whole Pinterest copyright abuse business! Unless the person with all the hits is another persona of yours ;) What are your new pages? You should share links with us!