Saturday, February 21, 2015

Four Elephants

Last night, I took a look at the final Elephant Parade quiltalong quilt, and decided that to make it smaller, I would simply not make the last row, and take out one small elephant in each of the other rows.  I therefore needed a total of four large elephants.

Today, I made two more of the large elephants.  They are made with a different main fabric, because I am trying to use the fabric I already have.  I don't have a lot of light gray, so the small elephants will also be dark gray instead of light gray.  I don't like the quality of the light gray I used for these ears enough to use for a whole elephant, even though there is enough of that fabric.  The wonky triangles do give the elephants some personality, since they are all slightly different from each other.  I'm not sure I like the wonky triangles used for the trunk, but then I think about all the wrinkles elephants have especially on their trunks so it might turn out all right.

You do have to keep track of what size piece to put where, but these are really fun to make.


Allie said...

Those are really cute, and just enough variation to be interesting!

Unknown said...

So lovely elephants - I love your fabric choice, Shasta!