Monday, February 23, 2015

Need Your Opinion on Elephant Parade QuiltAlong

 I have cut the pieces for the small elephants. I really like this fabric, since it is a blend of gray and brown., which is perfect for elephants.

As I was cutting I realized that I only cut enough fabric for four baby elephants.  When I look at the quilt again, since I am not making the bottom row and taking out one baby elephant in each row, I actually need to make eight elephants. Instead of cutting more elephants, I got the idea that I could make something else instead, like a zebra or giraffe.  I remembered that I had animal prints that I got from a quilt show, so I got those out. I don't have any zebra fabric, and the black and white one might work, but I've decided that a zebra would not be a good choice because it is on a white background and may be hard to see. 

I think any of the animals would be simple to make. A square, triangle, or snowball block for the face and a rectangle for the body and four strips for the legs would probably be enough since the print would help suggest the animal that is being represented. It will be a small animal, since it will replace a baby elephant block.  I'm not sure though - it is a nice simple modern quilt, and I don't know if I will busy it up too much with animal prints. And some of these prints may be too big to use on a small block. What do you think?

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Allie said...

I'd at least make the blocks, and then audition them with the elephants - if you don't like them, think they're too busy, you can always use them in another quilt or a pillow.