Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Halfway Point of Circles 365

I won a bundle of scrap fabric from Brooke at Silly Mama Quilts.  Such beautiful pieces that I had to start right away and make some circles.  Thank you Brooke!

Block 152

Some of the pieces were already sewn together, so I sewed them up some more, cut them and sewed them back together.  This is a large circle that is bigger than a block, so I will have to find a place where it can overlap without encroaching too much on surrounding squares.

 Block 153

I decided to let these pretty fabrics do the heavy lifting and made a simple circle.

 Block 154

I really like this linen fabric and the circle that was in it, even if I did have to cut into the middle of the fabric to get to it.  It is on a chenille background.  Both of these pieces were in the scrap bundle.

 Block 155

This one is one of a few that didn't use Brooke's scraps.  The heart is a leftover from the 1857 quilt.  There are dots in the butterflies so if you don't see the outside of the heart as a circle, you don't need to call the quilt police.

 Block 156

This fun whimsical fabric is going in as a whole piece.  Lots of circles to see, and anything I do will cover up the fun fabric.

 Block 157

This is another leftover of the 1857 quilt.  I cut lots of circles, and squeezed the scrap onto the block.

 Block 158

Another leftover from the 1857 quilt.  Why throw away the tiny pieces when you can make a circle out of them?

 Block 159

These are all from the scrap bundle.  I really like this one.  It sets a scene of going on a bike ride someplace floral and pretty and having a picnic. So romantic.

 Block 160

This is a scrap from the 1857 quilt.

 Block 161

These are also from the scrap bundle. I like that the background and the foreground are strong forces that work together.

Yesterday was my halfway point of making the circles. I should have 183 made, but have 161.  I don't mind running behind during my busy time at work, and think it will take too long to catch up.

1857 Quilt

As a reward to hanging with me until the last circle, I will show you my progress on the 1857 Quilt. More blocks have been prepped. I still need to sew down a lot of these pieces. There are lots of circles in this quilt too.


June D said...

These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa J. said...

Wonderful new circles and the 1857 quilt is coming along wonderfully.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Great circles and ooh I love those blocks for your quilt, wow!!!

Kate said...

Lots of fun circles! The cow is too fun and I love the bicycle one.

Kaja said...

Your circles never fail to make me smile - still love your approach to this project.

Browndirtcottage said...

Oh yes, I like your 'circles'….I was so tempted by this 365 challenge, but then again, I'm ALWAYS. This
is one time I resisted.