Monday, May 16, 2016

Material Pulses: 8 Viewponts

Downtown Columbus, Ohio in the Riffe building, there is a gallery that features a variety of different works by different artists. The Riffe Gallery is sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council. There are often quilts that are exhibited there. This one is called Material Pulses: 8 Viewpoints. Excellence in Machine-Quilting & Surface Design.

On Friday, they featured a Curator's tour.  Nancy Crow and the artists showed us around the works and gave us background on the quilts, and a chance to ask questions. There were a lot of people who came for the tour.  The quilt above is pieced, not appliqued.  Inset seams!

They were all fairly large quilts, some with stamping, most of them started out with white fabric that was dyed. There were a lot of pieces with black in them, and not a lot of white. 

The quilts will be on display until July 16.   There will be other workshops, a dyeing workshop, a family workshop, and a writing workshop during this display. These three quilts were away from the wall because the backs were as beautiful and interesting as the fronts.

The gallery is free and open to the public.

I parked far away and walked to the gallery, and was reminded of my daily walks when I worked downtown.  The walk was very refreshing, and as you can see the day was very pretty.  This photo is from Bicentennial Park. The photo above was unretouched. It really is that pretty, and I realized how much I missed my walks downtown.  It was nice to see all the wonderful changes that have been made there.


Carol S. said...

What interesting and beautiful!

June D said...

Oh how wonderful! I see this is just one hour from Dayton so maybe I'll be able to see this on Friday or Sunday when I am there! I've always liked Nancy Crow's work. : )