Monday, February 13, 2017

Adinkra Topped

While checking my Bloglovin' feed on Friday, I noticed how many bloggers were able to show their Friday Finishes. To keep from showing my embarrassing Friday Finish - "Look, I finished sewing down half of the left side of one of the blocks of this very simple applique," I decided it would be better if I made some real progress.

As you can see, not only did I stitch down all the remaining blocks, I also managed to put the blocks together on the weekend. As a bonus, I auditioned my African fabric to decide on a border. I don't have a lot of African fabric, so this part is fairly easy. I was afraid I would have to turn to my non-African fabric for the border, but it turns out that the fabric will work perfectly.

 I was planning to start another quilt (the surest way to remedy quilt guilt is to completely smash a rule that doesn't exist by starting a new quilt), but I really like the way the fabric looks against the quilt, so I am going to finish the borders on this top before starting the new quilt. That won't stop me from choosing the fabric for this new quilt though!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

No, there is no stopping us when it comes to thinking/planning/dreaming about that next project to come! I love the vibrancy of the blues against the brown pieced blocks on this one, well done!

Quilt Inspiration said...

HI Shasta, congratulations on all your progress on your Adinkra quilt ! We love the beautiful blue symbols, which contrast perfectly with the warm earth-tone fabrics. Your work is lovely, and you are very talented ! Warm wishes, from Marina and Daryl Lynn at Quilt Inspiration.