Thursday, February 23, 2017

Quick Projects

Last holiday season (2015), I bought some fabric panels from Spoonflower to make kitchen towels.  I hemmed and gifted the other ones, but I had saved this elephant for me. Since this one was mine, there was no rush to get it hemmed. The gifts were calendar towels and the calendar year is gone. I decided it was time to finally finish mine.  It is fairly quick and easy to hem, although the layers of fabric in the corners did cause some thread breakage and complaining by the machine. While I wasn't aiming for perfection, it actually is a rectangle even though it looks wavy in the picture.

This elephant tempted me to embellish it with beads and baubles, but I think it is plenty colorful as it is, and will work better as a towel, table runner, or anything else without the embellishment.

My sister, brother-in-law and I went to an apothecary when we had some time to use up between appointments and came across some rice bags.  I've always thought about making some, but wasn't sure if I would actually use them.  The bags at the store were $14 or $18 each. I figured if they could sell them that expensively, people must really like them!  Allie and others have told me they really like using them.  Instead of buying one, I decided to make one using the directions on Allie's blog.  I am looking forward to it keeping my tummy warm. I haven't made a cover. I figure I would just use a pillowcase or towel until I know whether this is something that requires long-term protection.  Until then, the bright shiny orange fabric will add some warm sunshine in the winter.


Kaja said...

I love the elephant. It would be tempting to add embellishments, though I agree it's much more practical without them.

Allie-oops Designs said...

That elephant is stunning!! Oh you made a rice bag - girl you will love it. One time I even made a "flak jacket", one that went down my back and front, over the shoulders - it had channels filled with rice and was a total pain to make, but it was heaven. My aunt fried it in the microwave, lol. The relief is amazing. I've seen them in stores with lavender and such added, and the price really is exorbitant. I'm not sure how or what to use to add scent, don't want any fires, so I don't bother. The rice alone is enough for me, lol.