Friday, August 4, 2017

Family Flower

It is quilt reveal day, so of course it is dark and dreary outside that do not provide for photogenic pictures. But I am finished with this quilt, and am excited to show it to you so here it is.

I like to combine my passions for quilting and genealogy from time to time, and often thought about making a family tree quilt with names of the family members.  One day, maybe when I was working on Life of Plenty, I realized that our family was small enough to make good leaves on a flower.  I've covered up the names in order to protect everyone's privacy, which is a shame because I really like the font I used.  Besides the backstitches, a lot of the letters are accented with french knots.

I used fusible applique and stitched around the shapes twice. The needle kept gumming up with the fusible so the stitches aren't as smooth as they could be. The names are hand-stitched and chain stitches help show the family relationships.

Here it is on the bulletin board to show its relative size.  It is 12" x 12".    I wanted to keep the quilting stitches minimal, as I had seen that look on other quilts. Even my other two flower quilts shown here have minimal quilting.  But since there is so much space between the quilted motifs and the binding, the fabric did not stay as smooth as it should have been.  It looks worse in these pictures than it does in real life, but I may add more quilting stitches (and maybe some ribbon if there is a lot of excess) to smooth it out.

The fabric choice for this quilt comes from the one and only Glitter block I have made (so far). The original plan was to use the dark fabric for the binding, but at the end, I decided I liked the lighter fabric better.

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Kaja said...

What a clever idea! I like the thought of all the family gathered on one flower.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh you clever thing you - that's a darling little quilt!!! Love your display on the bulletin board.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

What a cute little wall hanging! My family is small too and could easily fit on a flower. Thanks for the idea and for sharing with Oh Scrap!