Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July's Favorite Pictures

Hello! It is that time of the month where we close one photo folder and open the next month's folder.  Before we close July,  I choose my favorite pictures from the month to share with you.

I've only seen passionfruit growing in my own yard.  It grows like a weed all over the yard, since the fruit doesn't always ripen in time for picking before the frost sets in in this climate, and the fruit is fun to throw at others so the seeds manage to get everywhere.  It is like a spoiled child though, and gets to grow almost anywhere it wants to in the yard.

This year, we had a special treat.  We had albino passionflower!  I didn't know that was possible.  It did not last long, so I am glad I got a picture of it.

I did not plant zinnias this year, or much of anything else, and am grateful for the ones that did come back.

 This flower is not in my yard.  I like how the orange flower in the front looks like a singer on a stage with the lillies as backup singers.

I found this purple bear in the quilt cabinet when I was cleaning it out.  I like how he matches with my current project. Wait, is that a new project?

Even though my garden this year is weedy and neglected, the butterfly still enjoys spending time in it.

A better shot of the markings on the butterfly.

Another passionflower.  They bloom all summer.

Thus ends the July picture show.  I talked about cleaning the quilt cabinet earlier, so I figured I should show you. I finally got smart and folded the quilts so they would cover the whole length and width of the cabinet. Because they are spread out so thin, you can't really see and become intrigued by the piecing. You can just see color. 

It is an antique as evidenced by the cord that holds the glass in the upper section down. It is impossible to take a picture of the cabinet without a reflection. I made those curtains for the room a long time ago and I am still very happy with them. The top shelf holds CDs, the middle shelf is my pencil sharpener collection, the bottom shelf has the wall quilts.

The secret drawer holds the small quilts.

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Allie-oops Designs said...

I have never seen a passionflower before - wow aren't they special!!! Love your pics!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love your photos this month. I have never seen a passionflower and can't imagine having them growing all over. Your butterfly photos are great. I have noticed a few more butterflies this summer, both Monarch and Swallowtail but I haven't been able to get photos of any yet. They love my Coneflowers in the back garden as well as the zinnias.

Ann said...

I've never seen a passion flower either. And they grow wild in your garden? Lucky you. We could always get volunteer zinnias, though. Love them.
I wish I had a quilt cabinet. It would be fun to have more of them visible.
Thanks for linking with Kaleidoscope of Butterflies.

Kaja said...

We have a passionflower too and it has become a bit of a monster - this year it has almost engulfed the raspberry canes. I love zinnias, and your orange-y snapdragon. Like Ann I would happily give your quilt cabinet a home. :-)